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Craig Poulton is chief executive officer of Salt Lake City-based Poulton Associates, LLC, which administers various catastrophe related insurance products including the country’s largest private flood insurance program, the Natural Catastrophe Insurance Program at CATcoverage.com. He has become a sought-after thought leader on flood insurance and is featured in or has authored many of the articles below.


Risk Rating 2.0 is Here, and Coastal Lawmakers are Concerned

Lawmakers representing coastal regions, and many consumers, worry about the unintended consequences FEMA's flood insurance overhaul will create. Craig Poulton offers possible suggestions to help prevent the possible 'Death Spiral' that FEMA may soon find itself in.


Analysis of NFIP Data Demonstrates Need for More Equitable Rates. 

For decades, the US government's flood insurance program has had concerning inequities. Risk Rating 2.0 includes many of the same issues.

Switching Roofs

In the wake of Ida's destruction and high rebuilding cost, the price of flood insurance may rise.

The estimated cost in claims from the damage of Hurricane Ida is  ranging between $15 billion to $30 billion. However, this figure could grow due to the cost of lumber and labor which have risen substantially through the pandemic.

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Analysis of NFIP Data Demonstrates Need for More Equitable Rates. 

Using the most recent data available, this report details the findings of a comprehensive study conducted by the scientists at HazardHub, Inc., who specialize in translating geospatial data and providing property hazard risk databases. The basic question considered by the report is: Who benefits the most from the federal flood insurance program?


Data from the federal government reveals that many FHA-insured homeowners fail to meet mandatory flood insurance requirements.

Private flood insurance often provides better coverage compared to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). It can usually save them money as well. This is especially true for those with lower incomes.


"That's insane… and there's never been a viable reason given for it"

The latest hurricane to hit the US certainly left its mark, with catastrophe modeling firm KCC reporting that insured losses to onshore properties from Hurricane Zeta will be well over $4 billion. Not included in this large sum is NFIP losses, losses to offshore assets, or any possible impacts due to COVID-19, according to KCC.

Interior of room after earthquake_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Natural disasters are an ongoing threat. Mortgage brokers and their clients need to be prepared at all times.

According to the latest FEMA data (as of April, 2020), earthquake losses alone, not including flood, in the U.S. total roughly $6.1 billion dollars annually.

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New analysis of participants of the NFIP demonstrates a gap in the benefits of high-income and low-income groups.

During a panel discussion, CEO Craig Poulton presented a report, “Beneath the Surface: Analysis of NFIP Data Demonstrates the Need for More Equitable Rates." This was at a Congressional Briefing on Capitol Hill.


Craig Poulton, Poulton Associate's CEO on CNBC

As Hurricane Michael moves from Florida to Geogia, Craig Poulton, CEO of Poulton Associates CEO, discusses the potential insured and uninsured losses in the wake of the storm.

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How the NFIP could Reform and Properly Serve it's Purposes

Craig Poulton shares his 5 recommended steps, starting with meaningful NFIP rate increases, on how to improve Flood Insurance.


Tax Payers have lost more than $40 billion dollars

Nationalizing the US flood insurance industry has been catastrophic. Craig Poulton shares more on the issue in this article featured on Property Casualty360.com.


NFIP reform should create fair competition for private markets.

Congress has begun to turn some of it's focus and efforts towards reforming the National Flood Insurance Program. California had already been contemplating a departure from the NFIP.


Craig Poulton speaks on the Momentum of Private Flood Insurance

Carriers who offer private flood insurance may start feeling shoved into the market. this could bring new opportunities for claims adjusters and possibly create a more efficient claims process.


Discussing the Rate Structure of the National Flood Insurance Program

Craig Poulton, Poulton Associates CEO and the founder of the Natural Catastrophe Insurance Program, provides valuable insight to reforming the National Flood Insurance Program.


NCIP's Craig Poulton

CEO of Poulton Associates, Craig Poulton, discusses FEMA's move to issue cat bond and advises on widening the availability of private flood coverage.

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