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Why Insurance Agents and Brokers should offer Private Flood Insurance

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Flooding is a major risk to homeowners and businesses in the United States, causing more than $2 billion in property damage each year. Your clients expect you to look out for their best interests, so being well-informed about flood insurance options is critical. This includes finding the best coverage, at the lowest price.

Your customers deserve a better option than the NFIP. This is where private flood insurance comes into play. The Natural Catastrophe Insurance Program (NCIP) boasts broader coverage options than the NFIP, often at a lower price.

Key Benefits of an NCIP Policy

· Coverage Available for Basement Contents

· Higher Dwelling and Contents Limit Options than the NFIP

· Broader Definition of Flood than the NFIP

· Multiple Buildings can be Insured under One Policy

· Coverage Available for Decks and Carports

Private Flood Insurance is often cheaper than the NFIP.

Our proprietary rating system, powered by artificial intelligence, works to identify the correct risk for each structure. Then, our single, online application surveys multiple carriers, returning the lowest price for the coverage your client needs. You can purchase and manage the policy online without having to make a single phone call

Get more with our Private Flood program.

We are proud to offer you 15% commission on all new flood policies, and 12.5% on all renewals*. Earning more has never been easier with our entirely online process. Sign up at to become a producer today, and get approved in minutes. See for yourself just how easy it is.

If you don’t offer flood insurance to your clients, you risk losing their business to agents who do!

*Commission as of June 2023, subject to change. **Not all policies available through use the NCIP policy form. Disclaimer: The content on this site is for general information purposes only. It is not intended to be relied on or used in place of professional advice. We do not endorse, assume responsibility for, or guarantee the accuracy of the content. All liability is expressly disclaimed.


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