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About us

The Natural Catastrophe Insurance Program (NCIP) is a web-based Property Insurance facility ( Poulton Associates owns and operates the NCIP facility and has been a leader in Risk and Insurance Management since 1989. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Poulton Associates provides Property and Casualty risk placement services in all 50 US States and in various jurisdictions throughout the world.

The platform helps Property and Casualty producers and brokers place coverage for catastrophe perils such as Flood, Earthquake, and Landslide . Traditionally, these perils fall outside of the scope of coverage for homeowners and commercial property insurance policies. Poulton Associates created the NCIP to help fill this void and make the quote and issue process as fast and efficient as possible.

Policies underwritten through the NCIP facility are underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London. Lloyd’s has offered coverage for Flood, Earthquake, and Landslide perils since 1985. As of April 2009, Lloyd’s consolidated AM Best rating was “A” (Excellent).

Through the interface, users are able to obtain instant premium indications. With minimal information needed to complete an online application, underwriting is fast and quotes can be issued in near-real time. Once underwriting approves and accepts a quotation, the user can pay the premium online and obtain policy documents through the website.

A Higher Standard of Practice

Processing business 100% online through makes it possible for users to retain digital records of each transaction for historical reference and ease of access. Some facilities claim to be 100% online, however most transactions are still accomplished offline. This quasi-online offline transaction process increases data duplication, sacrifices the users’ time and increases the risk of mistakes. Rather than put our Producers and Brokers in a potential E&O peril, is built to be a holistic online solution.

If you are a Property and Casualty Producer or Broker who would like to gain access to the NCIP facility and other additional forthcoming product offerings, click here to sign up.


Terms and Conditions

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How do I get coverage?

Follow the online submission process to submit an application, once the application is approved, pay for the policy as directed via email by using our virtual check cashing technology. Once the policy is paid for you should be able to save, email and print the policy if you wish within a matter of minutes.

Payment does not automatically bind coverage.

Who provides my coverage?

Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's (London). A.M. Best's rated "A".

When is my coverage effective?

The system date stamps your application when submitted. The Underwriter will review the application and if the property is acceptable, your policy will be approved. The inception date will be the date requested on the application or the date the premium is paid, whichever is later. No inception dates that are prior to the date of payment will be allowed. (As always, coverage is subject to the applicable waiting period for each peril.)

What is the waiting period?

Coverage for Landslide & Flood becomes effective on the fifteenth day after the inception date of the policy. Coverage for Earthquake becomes effective on the fifth day after the inception date of the policy. If you have Flood and/or Earthquake coverage now and you move with no lapse in coverage to our program, the respective waiting period is waived. Waiting period can also be waived for flood on escrow close.


  1. The fifteen day flood coverage waiting period and the five day earthquake coverage waiting periods do not apply when similar coverage, either flood or earthquake or both, to that provided by this insurance contract has been in place up to the inception date of this insurance contract.
  2. The fifteen day flood coverage waiting period does not apply when flood insurance is required as a result of a lender, in connection with the making, increasing, extending, or renewal of a loan, shall be effective at the time of loan closing, provided that the Certificate is applied for and Underwriter approval of the application and the payment of premium is made at or prior to the loan closing.

* Paraphrased from Residential Terms and Conditions Revised 1/1/2005.

Is the policy automatically renewed?

The Producer, Insured and Mortgage Company will receive a renewal quote/invoice prior to expiration. If the renewal premium is not received prior to expiration, coverage will cease. Underwriters reserve the right to cancel or non-renew by giving reasonable notice and as may be required by applicable regulations.

What is covered?

Perils normally not included under a property owner's standard insurance policy may be covered: such as Earthquake*, Flood, and Landslides. Under our personal insurance form, for example, not just the dwelling, but the detached structures, such as a garage or tool shed, and personal contents receive some coverage automatically. Read the Certificate of Coverage for details of coverage and limitations.

*Notice: Earthquake coverage is not provided for risk located within the state of California.

What property qualifies for coverage?

Many commercial/business properties may qualify for consideration under our commercial program. Any private homes, condominiums, and town homes may qualify for consideration, (including secondary residences, provided that the program also covers the owner's primary residence). This includes modular and manufactured homes permanently attached to a foundation. Mobile homes resting on wheels are not eligible.

What is the deductible?

For Personal Risks

The Standard Deductible is 5% of the dwelling value at time of loss for all perils. You may select a Specified Deductible and change each of the Flood and the Landslide deductibles to $1,000 or to $5,000 applying separately to each peril. When the Specified deductible option is chosen, the deductible for Earthquake losses, including Earthquake induced landslides or mudslides, will change to$2,500 or 5% of the dwelling value, whichever is greater. These deductibles may be satisfied by damage to building or contents or appurtenant structures, or all three combined. A $1,000 deductible is applicable to additional living expense claims at all times, regardless of the deductible option chosen.

For Commercial Risks

You may choose either a 5% or a 10% deductible which will apply to the insurable values associated with each building covered at the time of loss for the peril of Earthquake. For the perils of Flood and Landslide(not caused by earthquake), you may select either a deductible of $2,000 or 2% of insurable values (whichever is greater, applying separately to each covered building and to each peril) or a $25,000 deductible applying separately to each building for each peril.

Is there a coinsurance clause?

For Personal Risks

Even though you are required to insure the dwelling 100% to value, there is an 80% coinsurance clause found in the coverage form. The 80% coinsurance clause applies to the dwelling.

For Commercial Risks

An 80% Coinsurance clause applies to each Building and its associated Contents per location.

How important is this coverage?

Catastrophic loss is very unpredictable. Earthquakes can strike anywhere on earth. Severe rainstorms seem to be more common now than in the past and in recent years flood losses have become common. Landslides are a serious concern in many areas. Your property represents a major investment. Don't gamble. Submit an application right away and start taking advantage of this valuable protection.

NCIP ADMINISTRATOR — CatCoverage Department at Poulton Associates, Inc.

Telephone: (801) 268-2600 FAX: (801) 268-2674 Toll Free: 1-(888)-POULTON (1-888-768-5866)

This brochure is intended to provide only an overview of the Natural Catastrophe Insurance Program, it may contain outdated or inaccurate information. Only the actual insurance policy should be consulted for definitive information. This overview does not amend or alter in any way the terms and conditions of any applicable insurance contract(s).

In which states can I get coverage?

State Earthquake Flood Landslide
Alaska Yes Yes Yes
Alabama Yes Yes Yes
Arkansas Yes Yes Yes
Arizona Yes Yes Yes
California No Yes Yes
Colorado Yes Yes Yes
Connecticut Yes Yes Yes
Delaware Yes Yes Yes
Florida No No No
Georgia Yes Yes Yes
Hawaii Yes Yes Yes
Iowa Yes Yes Yes
Idaho Yes Yes Yes
Illinois Yes Yes Yes
Indiana Yes Yes Yes
Kansas Yes Yes Yes
Kentucky No No No
Louisiana Yes No No
Massachusetts Yes Yes Yes
Maryland Yes Yes Yes
Maine Yes Yes Yes
Michigan Yes Yes Yes
Minnesota Yes Yes Yes
Missouri Yes Yes Yes
Mississippi Yes Yes Yes
Montana Yes Yes Yes
North Carolina Yes Yes Yes
North Dakota Yes Yes Yes
Nebraska Yes Yes Yes
New Hampshire Yes Yes Yes
New Jersey Yes Yes Yes
New Mexico Yes Yes Yes
Nevada Yes Yes Yes
New York Yes Yes Yes
Ohio Yes Yes Yes
Oklahoma Yes Yes Yes
Oregon Yes Yes Yes
Pennsylvania Yes Yes Yes
Rhode Island Yes Yes Yes
South Carolina Yes Yes Yes
South Dakota Yes Yes Yes
Tennessee Yes Yes Yes
Texas Yes Yes Yes
Utah Yes Yes Yes
Virginia Yes Yes Yes
Vermont Yes Yes Yes
Washington Yes Yes Yes
Washington DC Yes No No
Wisconsin Yes Yes Yes
West Virginia Yes Yes Yes
Wyoming Yes Yes Yes

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